Clinical Education & Medical Simulation.

Clin Edu Med Sim
Periodicity – biannual

About journal

The journal "Clinical Education & Medical Simulation" has been published since 2018.

"Clinical Education & Medical Simulation" (CEMS) published by Wroclaw Medical University is an open access journal dedicated to clinical education and medical simulation.

In addition to medical sciences, CEMS also addresses scientific, technical and social issues. The fields of studies that characterize the journal are medical science, social and technical sciences, as well as the disciplines such as medicine, pedagogy, cognition and communication, medical cybernetics, biomedical engineering, automatic control engineering and robotics.

Given its broad field of activity, CEMS is an interdisciplinary research and informative platform aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of different forms of clinical education with an emphasis on medical simulation.

Clinical Education & Medical Simulation is also an official journal of the Polish Society of Medical Simulation (PTSM).

The journal is published in English, initially twice a year, in an electronic form.